Awakening Together

Connection to Self, Nature and Community has never been more important. We are building places, programs and products for  a more connected, caring and cooperative world.

Thriving Communities

We are facing a world in unprecedented economic, social, political and physical chaos. As old systems fail, new ones wait hopefully to be born. Yet, as Einstein told us, we can’t change the problems with the same thinking that created them.

We need to come together as never before to reimagine and recreate the future from our wisest and most compassionate selves, as we heal together and discover the sacredness of all Life, we can begin to co-create the more “beautiful world our hearts know is possible”.

Join us, share your gifts and let’s up-level this planet together!

Conscious Living Network

The Conscious Living brand was started over 10 years ago in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada by Andrew Rezmer, to provide information, programs and products to people looking to awaken their consciousness, and transform their life and community (local and global). We are in the process of expanding the network both in product offerings and geographically.

Conscious Living News

Get all of your consciousness raising news in one place! Our site is collecting the best blogs  in one place on self-realization, community building, and regenerative living.

Conscious Living Club

Conscious places, properties and communities for regenerative livings, working and playing. Matching people with places for exiting and rebuilding the system.

Conscious Living Radio

Based in Vancouver, BC and available online, we have launched over 1000 radio interviews and online podcasts over 11 years with some of the top thinkers, influencers, teachers and coaches in the “conscious” space.

Conscious Living Events

Mind blowing, heart opening, and intention strengthing events from top authors, leaders, coaches and speakers across a wide range of disciplines and interests.

Conscious Living Social

Fully featured decentralized, open source, social network to take back our power from big tech. Private profiles, posts, groups and more. Use code PROBETA3MONTHS for a free three month upgrade on our PRO features.

Conscious Living Market (coming soon!)

Peer to peer, open-source marketplace, crypto powered, for members to exchange the best products, programs and places for transformation and growth.


We are gathering news and views from across the web, featuring some of the top conscious thinkers, activists, makers and influencers.

The news feed will be integrated with ConsciousLiving.Social, our social network in development, as well as available for the public. to inspire new ideas and more conscious ways of being.


We are sourcing and knitting together physical places and spaces for poeple to find and co-create healthy human-centered community, build economic security through sharing and cooperation, and cultivate ecological and spiritual awareness. 

ConsciousLiving.Club is being built to help members to discover new opportunites in locations that are more condusive to human wellbeing, and that are attracting conscious others looking to build a thriving, human future. 

Conscious Living Radio

Conscious Living Radio is a program that explores alternative paradigms emerging in psychology, health, various sciences, community building, education, and various philosophies that challenge the modernist outlook and the institutional forms that express it.

It gives voice to those searching to create a new culture, one that embodies different values than the consumerist ones that dominate Western, modern society. They are values that ultimately can be defined as being spiritual as opposed to material.

It plays in Vancouver Co-Op Radio and a host of online sources.

Conscious Living Network Events

Listing of some of the best mind and heart opening events, both online and in person.

We are connected with the Shift Network and Conscious Vitality to bring you online and in person courses, summits, workshops, and plant ceremonies.

Our founder also runs the Spirit Plant Medicine Conference, which has been running for 11 years, and starting in 2020 is now available online, with over 150 videos available to view.



Find your conscious tribe and soul family, access and share news, ideas and actions for a better world, in a supportve, secure and private online  environment.

ConsciousLiving.Social is an open-source,  decentralized and federated network of nodes, and offers private profiles, private groups, private posts, self-extinquishing posts and more. 

Membership is free to join. Or upgrade to get many cool features such as scheduled posts, large upload limits, youtube download, create groups, rich text posts and more. Use coupon code PROBETA3MONTHS for three free months of PRO membership.


Conscious Living Market

A new peer to peer, open source marketplace for the Conscious Living community to find, purchase and sell their products and services to coonsumers with a more  sustainable, and responsible ethos.

We are building in features for integration  to make the entire purchasing experience as user friendly and fulfilling  as possible.